Renting a Medellin furnished apartment. Is it worth it?

Why would you rent a furnished apartment versus a hotel in Medellin?

Well there could be several reasons one of them being price and the other being privacy.  Furnished apartments tend to be less than a hotel for large groups of people.  Sometimes you can get the same quality as a hotel for a much lower price.  

The other problem is privacy. Sometimes Medellin hotels can be a bit picky about letting guests into the hotel room and may even charge additional fees.

Some hotels require the additional guest to check in with the hotel leave a copy of their identification. 

With a private furnished apartment you do not have those problems it is almost like your own home away from home.

The key however is to find the right furnished apartment in Medellin.

At our furnished apartments we match quality with price.   We also make customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Take a look at our affordable options for your next trip to Medellin.


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