Best Hotels and Apartments in Medellin

Asensi Towers Apartment in Medellin Colombia
So what are the best hotels to stay at in Medellin?  Sure there are many excellent furnished apartments for rent by owner but there are also some really good hotels.

Accor is the the world's leading hotel manager and market leader in Europe. is the Accor's international and multibrands website offering almost 4,000 hotels in 90 countries and 13 brands from budget to luxury.

Medellin also has a Best Western ( that is located in ElPoblado.  The hotel is on a hill overlooking the city and is in a very nice and safe part of Medellin.  I was surprised to see the famous BestWestern logo while driving in Medellin. The hotel looks very nice.

If you prefer to stay the furnished apartment route then check out where you can find some great deals on really nice apartments throughout the city.

I would also recommend FlipKey which is now part of .  They have really good apartments and we have 2 apartments listed with them as well.  Very easy to navigate website and the reviews can tell you alot about a furnished apartment before you book.

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